Average joe trying to isomerize CDB Isolate / Distillate the right way

Dear future4200 community,
I know this topic have been covered several times, i think I’ve read most of them, including the bundled interesting dramas. I’m seeking answers i wasn’t able to find on my own.

So if your Schedule allows it, bear with me for few minutes.

Who is the OP ?
I’m a cyber security guy, i liked to pretend that i was a scientist (Master degree of computer science) until the reality and this forum slapped me in the face.

Self research / experience i did

I started with 0 lab gear.

  • Pot with boiling water containing a glass with citric acid a and 99% CBD Isolate.
    Result 1 : I cracked the glass and the contents evaporated.
    Result 2 (While controlling the water temp below 100° for 2 hours) : No isomerization.

So homework time:

  • Distillation
  • Reflux
  • Solvent
  • T41, Activated carbon, T5, Sulfuric acid…

The more i read the more i found chemistry interesting. I mean it just look like hacking the physics.
Amazon time. i bought a hot plate with stirring and a boiling flask.
Then i crafted a home made reflux which is not working pretty well to be honest :sunglasses:.
Lets try again.

  • one Coffee spoon of coconut oil 0.3g of CBD isolate one spatula of edible activated charcoal
    Result 1 80° for 2 hours with stirring : No isomerization (i replaced the AC with citric acid: same result).
    Result 2 120° for 2 hours with stirring : No isomerization (i replaced the AC with citric acid: same result).
    Result 3 160° for 2 hours with stirring : No isomerization (i replaced the AC with citric acid: same result).

I will receive my distillation apparel soon, but i think I’m missing something in the process. (I’m avoiding toxic product until i know what I’m doing).

The question
Can you please enlighten me about what am i doing wrong. 50% conversion to d8 is close enough.

Thanks for reading and your time.


Lol just put any of those in the boiling flask and distill, youll get a better result than trying to isomerize without a proper reflux.
Ixnay the coconut oil.


^what he said :yum:

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replace coconut oil w/ etOH and see what happens

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Thanks for the prompt replies. will try this and post some updates.

Interested to see how this works out for you


Alright folks. Feedback time.
First of all thanks for the PM. @Roguelab @HeadStashWaterHash, thank you.

I succeeded to brew the magic potion without toxic product. And i will share how.

Hardware :

  • Boiling Flask 500 Ml
  • Hot plate with stirring
  • Reflux column (70 cm) vaccum sealed to the boiling flask.

Materials :

  • 50 ml of ethanol or isopropanol
  • Citric acid
  • edible Activated charcoal
  • 0.5g of cbd distillate / isolate.

Step 1 : setup
Pour the ethanol in the boiling flask, add the cbd and stir for 10 sec. The cbd should have been totally dissolved, if not stir again until you have full translucent liquid.

Step 2 : Saturate the solution
Add citric acid little by little the goal is to saturate the solution. When Citric powder hit the ground of the flask and stop dissolving, you are done.

You can now add 5% of edible activated carbon.

Step 3 : Reflux time
You have to be above ethanol boiling point. 79 degree Celsius. Stir with medium speed
my temp was oscillating between 90 and 110. The potion refluxed for 4 hours.

Step 4 : Adjusting PH.
Adjust the PH a little bit above 7 with Magnesium Oxide. (Im using an electronical ph tester)

Step 5 : Evaporation.
You just need to remove the reflux column and let the alcohol evaporate with the same temp.
The result is a thick black oil.

Step 6 : pimping.
Add one coffee spoon of honey in the oil, and mix.

Step 7 consumption : start with only 3 drops under your tongue (Smoking this would cause SEVERE TROUBLES). you will feel the first high 2 minutes after.
the second high is when the drops are digested. Be careful the second high is damn strong, it will slap you in the face.

i made 3 batch and tested the result for a week. Not a single headache nor throat/digestive problem.

If you can enhance this beginner grade recipe, feel free to post it !

Thanks for reading.


Did I miss the part where you filter out the AC? Your brew probably has a pH of about 3. How about bringing the pH back up with Magnesium Oxide?

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Lets do a little post processing on that black tar…


@thesk8nmidget can you add some details about how to post process ?

I’m not filtering the AC, since it’s an edible type. Plus AC should contain lot of isomers(in my books). I tried with coffee filter with not good results.

Thanks. adding the PH adjustment step.

Do you have the ability to distill it??

Otherwise i would recommend running it through a column to clean it up.

@thesk8nmidget yes i can.

After which step i should include a distillation ?
If it’s after the evaporation step should i distill the Black oil by reaching CBD Boiling point ? ~160 degree

It would be after step 4 or after 5. you could use the short path to recover the ethanol and then run your distillation if you wanted.

you essentially wanna use heat and vacuum to move that cbd from you boiling flask into your receiving flask, leaving behind the catalyst.

I would recommend reading up on some short path teks on this site for all your critical parameters.


Did you find a way to do this with distillate instead of isolate?

Its the same process with distillate as it is with isolate. Some prefer to use one over the other. Most use isolate because its a lot cheaper and usually 99%+ cbd.

black color could be a the carbon thats left in solution

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