Average Density of Hemp Biomass before centrifuge

What is the typical density of hemp biomass before it is loaded into the centrifuge?

I was going with specific gravity of 0.33 for rough numbers.

Would like to know density for hammer milled material.

Depends a lot on your desired process and filtration, IMO. “Hammer milling” can mean everything from slight size reduction that leaves a lot of bud intact to grinding everything into a fine powder, depending on what size screens you use, how fast its running, how fast your infeed is moving, moisture content and other factors. You can certainly get higher density numbers from the fine powder but I think you’ll have a much harder time getting everything wet with solvent, much less agitated sufficiently to get good extraction numbers.

On the far opposite side of the coin, leave too much airspace (because of semi-intact stalks and stem material) and you won’t hit the lb/hr or lb/day throughput you’d probably like to be hitting.

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