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In-stock in U.S. warehouse include rotovap, short path distillation, glass reactor, vacuum drying oven, centrifuge, rotary vane vacuum pump, etc…

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jacketed glass reactor 100L have sold out.
50L rotary evaporator (Automatic lifting) R-1050 have sold out

20L glass reactor sold out.
50L Rotovap (manual lifting) 2 sets left.
GYY-100 sold out
55L vacuum drying oven 5 sets left
spd-5L short path distillation sold out.

Hi, guys.

We have many extraction and distillation equipments in LA warehouse. Especially the 100L glass reactor and 100L oil bath. All goods are in stock. Brand new and fully packed.

The warehouse supports self-pickup and delivery.
And we have partners in the US, so cash payments is available.

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WeChat/whatsapp: +86 13949014833
Email: cocohao@kedainstrument.com

Discription Model Voltage In stock
20L magnetic stirred heating mantle ZNCL-T-20L 220V/60Hz 3
RE-501 5L Rotary Evaporator RE-501 220V/60Hz 1
RE-5002 50L Rotary Evaporator RE-5002 220V/60Hz 1
EXRE-5002 50L Rotary Evaporator EXRE-5002 220V/60Hz 4
S-10L Jacketed glass reactor S-10L 220V/60Hz 1
S-100L Jacketed glass reactor S-100L 220V/60Hz 19
EXS-100L Jacketed glass reactor EXS-100L 220V/60Hz 1
SPD Short Path Distillation Kit SPD-5L 110V/60Hz 0
DLSB-5/10 Cooling Chiller DLSB-5L/-10° C 110V/60Hz 5
DLSB-30/80 Cooling chiller DLSB-30L/-80° C 240V/60Hz 3P 1
DLSB-50/30 Cooling chiller DLSB-50L/-30° C 220V/60Hz 9
EXDLSB-50/30 Cooling chiller EX DLSB-50L/-30° C 220V/60Hz 2
DLSB-50/40 Cooling Chiller DLSB-50L/-40° C 220V/60Hz 2
DLSB-50/80 Cooling Chiller DLSB-50L/-80° C 240V/60Hz 3P 2
DLSB-80/60 Cooling Chiller DLSB-80L/-60° C 240V/60Hz 3P 1
DLSB-100/80 Cooling Chiller DLSB-100L/-80° C 240V/60Hz 3P 1
Circulating heating oil bath GYY-50L 220V/60Hz 1
Circulating heating oil bath GYY-100L 220V/60Hz 25
Circulating heating oil bath GYY-5L 110V/60Hz 1
GDX-50/30 Heater/chiller GDX-50L/-30° C 220V/60HZ 0
2XZ-1 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump(1L/S) 2XZ-1 110V/60Hz 1
2XZ-2 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump (2L/S) 2XZ-2 220V/60Hz 7
SHZ-C Circulating water vacuum pump (80L/min) SHZ-C 110V/60Hz 1
SHZ-C Circulating water vacuum pump (80L/min) SHZ-C 220V/60Hz 7
SHZ-D(III) Circulating water vacuum pump (60L/min) SHZ-D(III) 110V/60Hz 6
0.25LB Closed loop extractor N/A N/A 1
2LB Closed loop extractor N/A N/A 2
10LB(jacketed) N/A N/A 2
Spray dryer 2L SD-2L 220V/60Hz 0
50L Stainless Steel Vacuum Filter ZF-50L / 3
Centrifuge(30 lbs/batch) For CDB ectraction PPTD-50L 220V/60Hz 2
Crystallization Filter Reactor
50L,with lifting
GF-50L/20L 220V/60Hz 2
Crystallization Filter Reactor 100L,with lifting GF-100L/50L 220V/60Hz 1

Magnetic stirring electric heating mantle

RE-501 5L rotovap

RE-5002 50L rotovap

Jacketed glass reactor

Cooling chiller

oil bath/ heater (Including stainless steel hoses)


Crystallization Filter Reactor