Automated moderation system issues

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We have almost 20 thousand users, the small percentage that are bots the system does an extremely good job of catching. If I take a day or 2 to respond to a flag I expect the system to shut down those bots, spammers, and in this case if a user is particularly off color and the community ‘shuts them down’. History should prove I unsilence these folks despite the fact they are sometimes disruptive, otherwise a LOT of accounts would be silenced and you’d have alts on alts instead of them just being them with their own account. I’m not about the cancel culture. It’s not that bad IMO despite the outrage. 20k users, almost 3k lvl2+ and you could probably name the users with issues on 1 hand.


There’s only 86 regulars?

93* actually

I thought there was like 200


Coulda swore it was close to 130 at one point.

You took my comment, was thinking the same shit…

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Maybe as new users join the pool shrinks

Or not enough ppl have that kind of read time and total topics read

I just got my Regular tag today. Lol

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It’s a mix of set numbers and %s. All the round numbers are hand set and the likes and posts read are %.

I wonder how the “Flagged Posts” interacts with the % the system shows us mods when reviewing flags?

do i get my reg status back since the silencing thing?