Autoflower cbd hemp seeds

New breed seed cbd#1 seed available. Regular non fem. 75-100 days seed to harvest window depending on enviromental variables. Orders of 350 or less 1.25 each orders over 350 drops down to a buck each. Coas available. Call or text 801-624-8063


Hey can you give us an average of the CBD yield? Please and thank you. Are these still available?

Yes I have a ton left over from my grows and my buddy the genetics guy has quite a few on deck as we speak. They are 12-18% and one is CBG and has about 9-10 different term profiles in it as well as its one great strand. Give me a call or text at 979-676-2971

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4 rooms where just pulled so there is now over 4 mil fresh off the plants just FYI and 5 different autos

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They yield about 1 1/2-2lbs outside and up to 3 believe it or not inside btw

Holy cow this all sounds amazing. Definitely interested in trying the autos. I need to put together an order. But I also need to put together some cash because this will be a private investment.

Looking for cbg seeds for 2021

I’m just seeing this but i have not only the best CBG genetics on the market but they are the only real and 100% legit CBG genetics on the market they are a business partners be they have spent literally millions of dollars perfecting it and I can get them to you for a very good price that’s if you still have the need for seeds as it looks like that was 3 months ago. You can call me at text me anytime Brian 979-676-2971

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