Auto bump? When did we get this feature?

Does the whole forum have this auto bump feature or just us moderators and administrators?

Gonna be dope seeing all the ads auto bump……

Does anyone else have these options?

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Friendly reminder you are not an moderator or an administrator.

Users at trust level 4 can…

Edit all posts
Pin/unpin topic
Close topics
Archive topics
Make topics unlisted
Split and merge topics
Reset topic bump date
Daily like, edit, and flag limits increased by 3×
Any TL4 flag cast on any post immediately takes effect and hides the target post
Can send personal messages to an email address

I had no idea you could send a PM to an email address though. Someone should try that and see how it works.

Do you really want lower trust levels having this feature? Usually when you post more than 5 dots it’s your way of arguing in jest



Give everyone future4200 email accounts

What could go wrong

XD lvl 4 is also awarded like moderation capabilities, as there is no way to be lvl 4 by just systematically earning it either. @sidco

So you might as well call them semi-mods. Leaders. Chosen ones. XD a title is a title.

No. That’s just the way I carry on sentences.

I was just wondering who had them options plus my opinion matters little here if any. lol.


First time you’ve ever corrected that. I guess I should say leaders….


Fair. Leader is a great title.

Test the email feature!

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Assuming you need the persons email. I guess I’ll try on my own email.

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I’ll happily send one. Lol

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So is it safe to assume the bump feature is a new feature or have I just been blind.

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I think you’re correct, that it probably came with a recent update to the Discourse platform.

Looks like it stages a new user, and sends them an email. There are setting to reply via email but they aren’t setup. The reply email is the noreply email which does actually go to an inbox but doesnt connect with the forum in any way.


Ooooo invite a friend feature for when the forum goes invite only.

Lvl 4s get all the goodies

I think everyone gets the invite feature. Profile Icon > Person emoticon > Invites
It ties to your account and I think theres a badge for it. Not sure if the email system for lvl4s work that way.

Interesting… So whats the purpose of the lvl 4 email

Absolutely no use to anyone now. I think the idea is there are features that allow replying to threads and dm via email that are not currently (nor planned to be) in use. So that would allow like a tech troubleshooting forum or whatever to conduct business over email.