August 17 and 18th at Detroit Cannabis Cup

The Detroit Cannabis Cup is days away.

August 17 & 18th, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan.

I will attend on Saturday, the 17th, I am not a vendor. Would like to actually meet some folks.

Shout out: Who here is vending, and who is attending? If vending, what is the banner name on your booth?

Final quick list before the show begins.


BTW, anybody familiar with the venue? Is there a handicapped parking area?


Yep. Used to party there when I was younger. Its a huge industrial complex with parking on the inside, surrounded by the building. There maybe a couple handicap spots but it’s pretty accessible from any spot, not too far from the main event doors.

Fun side fact: Some dudes leased a whole floor and had a huge grow operation in there. They weren’t too smart about it and got busted.

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Hope we meet while there. Everyone should wear a FUTURE4200 name tag. Something that says Future4200 on it, like a “Hi, my name is Bob” stick-on.

I probably won’t make it over there even though I’m about 10 minutes down the road.

I’ve never went to anything like that. I just like to watch from the outer edges and do my own thing. Maybe one day. :slight_smile:

Hope you guys have a good time though.

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I have not attended a Cup before, either. I expect something like a stoned county fair. Oooo, check out our special orange marmalade.

Sometimes the “mine is best”, processing battles sound a lot like. “Yeah, well my rooster can mount way more chickens than your rooster”

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I have made a FUTURE4200 name tag. I will be wandering around on Saturday, come shake my hand, if you see me.

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My tag will show the FUTURE4200 logo, my avatar from here, and my screen name. I will bring my ORC Extractor, but it will stay in the car. I am not exhibiting, and it it too heavy to carry around. So, if anyone would like to see it, it will be available.

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Wear that bish around your neck like a vape pen.

You’ll be having big baller status walking around with it.



Not expecting anything, from anyone. Just desire to be able to be recognized, while still being semi-anonymous


Not much of a photographer. Will use my phone to grab shots. Will post some pictures after the event.


Seems like shirtplug1 came through, catch me and the homie @Prisoncityxtracts wearing these bad boys this weekend thanks @Waxplug1


I will look for you…here is what my name tag look like…say hi if you see me.



That’s right!

Just returned from Detroit. Had a great time. I met @Prisoncityxtracts and @Badcookieextracts at their booth.

That place was chaos. Very interesting venue, an old industrial complex that has been converted to alternate use.

The line to enter was wrapped around the building, when I was leaving around 4:30. There were thousands in attendance.

The booths ranged from elaborate to humble, but they all had something interesting to exhibit. The range of cannabis products being offered was stunning.

It really didn’t take very long to get visual overload. There was so much to see, and it was so spread out.

The air outside was constantly scented with cannabis, while the indoor exhibit area held a thick haze of smoke, a hotbox the size of a football field.

It was fun. I did not stay for the evening hours, because I had spent all my money, and I was not excited by the concert.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.


Side comment: just watched the NETFLIX special, called WOODSTOCK.

I did not realize that I was attending this Cup on the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. I was one of those disillusioned 17 year olds, back in 1969

The special tells a great tale about the concert itself, but even without really trying it tells an amazing story about my generation. It moved me.

It is an amazing commentary, well worth watching.

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I didn’t go to the cup, but I’ve gone to the Michigan glass project at the russel. I think the russel is too small for the capacity of the cup, but it looked like it was pretty good. Where did you park? I’m just 10 min south of there too.

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I got parking in mid-town, at structure 7. Think that it was WSU parking. Shuttle service was provided.

The place was crowded. It probably would have benefitted from additional space. Although, the “press” is kinda part of the whole experience.

I want to hear about the “private” parties that were going on behind guarded doors. Anything that needs a bouncer at the door was probably interesting. If there is a next time, I’m going to find a way into the “invite only” stuff.


One thing that kind of stunned me.

If you had a way to time-swap 1000’s of the people at the cannabis cup with 1000’s of the people at Woodstock, nobody would have even noticed, not even the clothing would have been out of place, in either place…wow!

The crowd at the cup wasn’t as much “peace, love and happiness”, as those “dirty hippies”, but the overall vibe was not that different.

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