Atom D8 Vape Pens moving like Hot Cakes?! Disposable 1ml Ceramic Coil Oil Vape Pen

Hi guys,

just wondering if anyone has heard of or used the Atom D8 Vape Pen? It was introduced by Wax Liquidizer UK some 6 months ago, and being affiliated with their team, we’ve also been selling them. We consistently run out of stock due to high demand, often a new shipment has been sold before its been landed. That, and it becoming a trending search term on Google, suggests the market loves these devices.

The pens are a single use, simple, small design; the diameter is approx half a cm, and the entire thing fits in the PALM of the hand. It used a fire button, classic 5 click on/off, and 3 click preheat.

The pens work excellently with any viscosity distillate (need at least 3% terps); they also work great with who oils, even those with some lipids still left in.

This is half an advert, half a research question. UK guys, have you seen these pens about?

Check them out on my site

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Being a simple design, these very rarely leak - far under the failure rate of cartridges. You fill the Oil down the side of the vapour piece, and once filled, place the cap on. Bash cap into place with a heavy object; ensure cap seal is aligned with battery, and you’re good to go.

Let me know if you wanna work