AtEx rated table top centrifuge?

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Wondering how many folks have run into problems getting their YOC tek fuges approved by their AHJ?

If one was to draw a line in the sand for where that becomes irrelevant, where would you draw it?

Based on 3rd party testing, everything that goes in our fuge is below 5000ppm for butane when it goes in, but at 40C, what does that mean for the environment inside the fuge?

How does one determine (let alone demonstrate to the AHJ) that this is “safe”?!?

How many times would one have to push a reset button such as this to demonstrate “it ain’t gonna blow”?

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What are you doing at 40C Jesus. Your terps go bye bye real quick. Especially your Gas factor.

We use 28C in our centrifuges we sell and they only need 15 min cycles max, unless real small sugar is present.

Note for AHJ approval, you can have a PE write you a review certificate for any equipment/processes if your AHJ is being that anal.

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… are they “rated”?

Have your customers run in to AHJ that insist they should be?

Have you solved?

Where was that line drawn in the sand?

Can one simply math ones way out of this?!?

1kg extract at 5000ppm in a 20liter vessel at 40C, can it exceed 1.8% (no that’s 18000ppm!)

You don’t need a ‘rating’, if your AHJ is asking this they are pressuring you to cease doing an operation until you have the documentation to prove your actions are safe.

As I said, a PE review for the processes undertaken can alleviate the AHJ pressure, and give them quantifiable proof for a safe process.

Essentially the PE is taking liability for the process, if an accident occurs while following the PE’s approved process. If you were to deviate from the PE approved process that’s your own liability and the AHJ has the right to request/impose a cease of operations until appropriate documentation of process review has been provided.

If ‘the people’ want, I can include a PE review for a specified process using our centrifuges.

PPM of solvent would need to be documented for every batch being input though, that’s the caveat.

Either that. Or you use a centrifuge that’s built with solely C1D1 components.

Worst case scenario.
Fuge quits if it gets hotter than that.

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