Asking for a friend :p - slabs in the oven. Have to go away for 3 days...

Hey guys. So recently I’ve been researching oven teks to really dial everything in. I’ve been doing some things wrong such as temp. But my question for now is this… theoretically if someone just finished a run, filled up an oven, but had to go away for 3 nights and had no one to handle his babies … what’s the best option? Is there any safe way to cause no harm? Temp? Vac or no vac? I would appreciate the advice. I was learning everything I needed to but this little situation came up…

Whats your end product ?
In the oven at a low temp and vac won t hurt a bit

I don’t do my first flip for two days after I do the run without breaking vac. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be ok. There are extenuating circumstances that can happen, but for the most part, you… I mean… your friend should be ok.

End product is shatter. It’s not fire fire material but really nice trim. Since I started researching oven tek I realized I was doing things fairly wrong. My research has now taught me I should
Be between 91-97ish degrees. Should I go lower since it’s gonna be sitting for 3 days? 80s?

Thank you as always also. I recognize the people that are always quick to help my friend.

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I would definitely drop into the 80s 85 or so. Maybe lower. Depending on how stable it is.

As many of us as possible are here to help, for sure.

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Dropped temps to 75. Should I pull any vac or just leave it and pull vac when I return

Pull vacuum if you’re worried about losing terps don’t pull full vac go like 3/4 full vacuum . Just make sure u flip whenever get back.

End product is shatter pull a full vac. Break the muffin and then you’re good