Ascent ceramic .5ml carts for sale

I have about 800 carts left if anyone is looking. These are in 100ct boxes. Brand new.

These have a longer contact pin.
2x oval holes

1.60@ plus ship (ship is 15.05)
Min order is 1 box

These were in my hands long before the Corona virus scare.

thanks again bud
got mine on saturday and tried them for the first time
those thing hit like a truck !!

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650 left

Any suggestions for batteries that work well with these carts? Looking forward to getting my order.

BTW, first post! Excited to be here and can’t thank this forum enough for everything that’s been contributed.

All are sold or spoken for.

Thanks everyone

I’ve tried 10 different batteries. All work w/o issues.

Super bad migraine day today. Orders will go out tomorrow.

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All orders shipped

100ct box left

Last 100ct box sold

50 left

Thanks @Demontrich. Got the carts. Packaged well and they look great. Testing soon.

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All sold