As Appreciative as I am to see Solventless....

I’d love to see a Bubble Sub Sub Section if possible? Dry Sift Section? How can one help organize a very empty forum about to get a lot of attention?


I think because Dry Sift and Bubble has been tech’d ad infinatum in all the old forums like icmag and overgrow. Plus it’s mostly strain dependent, you’re looking to see what kind of trichomes you wants to harvest before anything. Honestly it’s more important to farm trichomes than to extract solventless from it. Before anything invest in a loupe or at least one of those smart phone microscopes to view your heads before figuring out if you want to wash, sift, bathe, or blast it!


@future @sidco can we make it so?

there’s an untapped extraction market that could be here. All I’m getting at. You give them a place, they will come.


Would be an awesome addition to the forum. I know there is a ton of info on other pages, but that was kind of the point of this place isn’t it? New tech is always being developed, so why not stay current here! look forward to it!