Are you growing hemp in Middle or East Tennessee?

Hello Middle/East Tennessee Hemp growers.

I am exploring the possibility of setting up a hemp farm in Grundy County Tennessee. I would like to know what hemp strains are you growing.


When we planted in those areas we planted Cherry (CC CW etc), Baox, and Sweetend


if you are growing for smokeable id pick other varieties if possible. retail on those are poor

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@ky_cbd. Thank you for the suggestions.

I am looking at planting smokeable hemp flowers.

Any suggestions for good smoking hemp flowers which would grow well in the Middle / East Tennessee area.

Thank you.

I’m not too far away, southern Illinois is a similar climate. Colorado varieties do well here, like t1, baox, and otto 2. I have yet to grow anything from Oregon that did well here. Rogue, deschutes, acdc, umpqua all finished too early.

If this is a 2021 farm plan, keep in mind that as the rules sit now, you must come in under .3% total thc. Nothing I have grown passes that rigorous of a test, so I am moving to a cbg variety. I can grow cbd hemp that does pass the .3 total threshold, but only in hydro or containers, probably not worth the cost.


You may want to consider planting some CBG flower, personally I really enjoy the strain “the white” and it has great bag appeal my retail store customers enjoy selling it as well.
This is coming from a broker though I am unsure about how well it grows, yields, etc.

also I believe CBG flower will not run hot. so dependent on the total thc laws in your area this is something to consider

Anything sour sells really well at a retail level too. Sour space candy, bleu genius, cherry limeade, stuff like that. Would totally run total thc hot though so it’s a strange time to be considering what to plant for smokable


Yeah @shattertramp is right; those older east coast cultivars (baox, trump/t1/etc, sweetened, wife) and even a lot of the Colorado bred stuff (berry blossom, merlot, trophy, and so on), is completely undesirable in the market.

For the most part, the real, bigger buyers who are moving weight and getting flower distributed either online or to retail shops, dont even want to look at any of that flower. Or anything with “cherry” in the name either - even though there are some dank cherry crosses out there. Just name it something else if you decide to grow it.

The Kush is a big seller. Smoke shops love it. Growers, ehhh well its hit or miss. Sovereign Fields, who bred it originally, have been working to stabilize and improve the genetics, so hopefully growers will have an easier time of it this year. Last year we had terrible germination rates and a pretty large amount of hermies and males from the Kush. This is in Oregon so I dont know how this would translate climactically to the humid southeast.

That being said, we’re still growing tens of thousands of Kush plants again this year :joy:. We also know the guys at Sovereign, and have some good deals worked out with them and ongoing business.

Frosted Lime is another cultivar that buyers love, and I’ve known farmers in the southeast who grew it there successfully and loved it. It’s a winner all around. Great nose, structure, and color, of course assuming you know how to grow, harvest, dry, trim and cure properly.

Oregon CBD’s genetics are still basically the pinnacle. It’s all we’re growing besides the Sovereign Fields stuff. Only issue there can be an over saturation in the market because it is so popular. Still, in my experience, if you have flower from their genetic bank, done right, it will sell before a lot of other stuff will. It’s dank.

I also like a lot of KLR Farms’ work. I believe they’ve made effort to really provide some specific cultivars well suited to humid areas. Their KLR1 strain (cherry limeade it’s also called), being very mold/mildew resistant. I grew some of that last year and my only complaint was that the buds didnt really swell and dense up like I hoped they would. Couldve been my daily though as I know others who didnt have that issue.


That reminded me, this kush hemp from you is fire and will fly at the local smoke shops. I need two more, thank you.

Thanks @RedDog for sharing the information.

Aren’t those strains high in thc? I have seen some west coast stuff pushing 1%.

Still a ton of farmers here sitting on hemp…

Yeah that can definitely happen
The Kush Hemp E1 this year is supposed to finish total T compliant
Then again we all know its not so cut and dry
Here in Oregon we have some leeway with the new regs going into effect
As long as we are harvested and tested by a certain date, we are grandfathered to continue selling delta-9 compliant flower for another year
At least thats what I heard
This is not legal advice, ask a lawyer lol

That being said, probably 90% of the buyers I’ve worked with do not give two :poop: about compliabce or the COA in general :man_shrugging:

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How’s the rain in Tennessee this summer? I forget if it was last year or 2018, but heard about a lot of farmer’s fields getting flooded.

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Generally, TN does received alot of rain. In the mountains area at higher elevations, there is definitely more rain.

It’s been a wet summer for sure this year.

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Hey any hemp growers in Tennessee?

Not growing anymore, went the lab route. Definitely down to connect with people that need their material processed! You may hit up @ky_cbd, though.

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I got out two years ago when the Total THC regs took effect. There are still farmers selling THCA hemp by taking advantage of the early testing provision. Not something I’m interested in.

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  • didn’t think you could grow weed in the Middle East because of the climate and islamic law*