Are there rules or community guidelines for this site?

I posted what I thought was a interesting thread about the foul smell that we get. For some reason it got deleted or went to private. @Future what happened? Just for future reference.

Absolutely sure you did nothing wrong.

reasonably sure the thread was taken private for surgery, to bring it in line with community guidelines. and it hasn’t be put back yet. almost certain that was not deliberate.

I’m assuming it will reappear now that @future & @sidco have been summoned here.

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This thread was deleted on accident. I meant to lock it temporarily.
Things should be good to go now.

Not your fault at all @YTG420, thanks for your patience.

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I’ve been trying to find the same thing to get the badge.
I read through one about new users and discord. But, I didn’t get the badge after I finished it.

The FAQ is a pinned topic…

If it’s badges you want, you need to dance with @KnowledgeSeth (just send him a DM to get started)


Badges!? Badges??? We don’t neeeeeed no stinking badges!!!

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