Are dispensaries closing due to covid-19?

I know theres already a thread about coronavirus impacting business but I was hoping to get a better gauge on whether or not dispensaries in other states plan to close down as other businesses are being forced to close for quarantine. Do jobs relating to medical cannabis fall under the pharmaceutical supply category as defined by the new CDC guidelines? For most people in the industry, there isn’t much that can be done working from home so im curious about the kinds of decisions being made about continuing operations.

it will probably first depend on what state you are in until there is a federal decision.

Only time will tell.

The local bm dispensaries here are closing. Ppl are coming out mad cause there’s no weed left in them

I know at least one of the companies I work with has cut down to online/phone order and pickup only. It was already tough in MA with the 25 person limit since larger dispensaries can easily have more people than that with staff and customers on a busy day. In terms of manufacturing/cultivation facilities they are at least restricting people to no more than 10 people in a given wing of a facility.

As long as theres no driving travel ban I have no plans to close down my lab in Vermont but we are not opening the front end shop to the public for now, and frankly that’s preferable to me as I enjoy just working in the lab out back without interruption. Our ecommerce site is obviously up and so far fedex has not told me they will be stopping deliveries, for now, however we’re sold out at the moment

They better at least allow delivery for herbs and alchohol LOL. I’m good but I ain’tgot enuff to share with my neighbors

After trumps speech yesterday, people came out in swarms to our store front. it was wild. We usually stay pretty busy, but nothing like this. people stocking up on flower and concentrates.


image No they are not closing, in fact sales are going up here in Hawaii less purchases but higher quantities per sale!