Approach Grafting?

So does anyone do this? What are the success rates that you’ve had? What are the yields you’ve produced using this method? Would you recommend this method?

Stories of Experiences using this method are welcome as well.

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It cuts down on plant count in states that it matters if you have a mother library. There’s potential grafting to vigorous hemp stock, but I’ve never seen it done successfully. That’s about the only positives I can think of.


Could you make new breeds this way?

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No, there’s not change in genetics there.


Only recommendation for using grafting is novelty or condensing ur mother cuts.
It doesnt produce as much as if the plant was on its own stalk but its very neat to see multiple strains flowering at once.

I think the real frontier to grafting, would be planting a hop field and grafting the cuts to the hop stalk.
Or if ur boujie, grafting onto a grape vine, with all those terps flying around u might get some interesting new wine flavors to pop out but the grapes wont affect the taste/smell of the pot plant


Seriously, grape vine? How do I do that? I’ve got a grape vine and a lady with a couple extra branches.![image|666x500](upload://gEDdSK8tzeIomxov7Whl0AOkcZk.jpeg)


Yeah ive seen it grafted to a grape vine but didnt get to come back for flower and didnt really get any updates cuz i forgot about it. This was 3 years ago just visiting an acquaintance place.
Id suggest trying to graft when ur parent stalk is shooting up new branches, so around may in norcal.

We had a mother that had several grafted limbs

It would grow differently on the grafted limb more like the strain it came from


this is exactly how we did it also but used some paper tape to hold

Made needle shaved down outta one and split stem of other but u need to be really sterile id flame the knife to red hot



Someone I know thought about grafting tomatoes to cannabis

He’s European. May try it he said

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Not a bad idea.

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Right? Tomatoes and cannabis have a lot of similarities.

I might try it one day to say fuck it

Cut your grafts at 90 degree angles, use a toothpick to insert into the stalk of the tomato plant, use organic honey or molasses and aloe mix and push the grafting branch into the tooth pick to get the two ends to meet. Tape off with electrical tape.

It’ll take about a week for it to fully take but, it will take.

We did this back in the 90s.

Do during veg to allow for better taking.

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Might try this in the future.


That probably wont work, as there is a thing called grafting compatibility.

It works in the same genus bether than intraspecific. It doea have alot to do with the psychological make up of both plants so cause tomatos and pepers are solanacea they can be grafted gaining vigor and pathogen resistance.

At this point I recall a paper that did hoever indicate that mRNA could travel from the stalk to the rest of the grafted plant inducing differentiation in friuts of chillys.

Crazy and unheard of and porbably wasnt very well accepted. But aomwthing to thing about :slight_smile:

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Appreciate that input. Sheds more light onto it.

Goea to show what you can do with the proper passion :slight_smile:theory is just one part :slight_smile:

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That’s shit my mom showed me. Shes always had a green thumb. I swear that woman can talk to plants. She just turned 76 and finishing out her last grow. Her outdoor grows looked like well kept indoor grows.

The woman doesn’t even partake.

She was just up for the challenge :grin: