ApolloXstill® Extractor Gen2 Release!

Hi Friends, we are excited to announce that the ApolloXstill® Gen2 extraction system is now available! We made some critical updates to our design which allows manufacturers to be even more efficient and safer than ever before. Check out the new brochure:

ApolloXStill_Brochure_Print.pdf (4.9 MB)

We are offering a 10k discount on the system until the end of 2021 when you use promo code: AX-FUTURE4200. Also for every sale that uses that promo code, we will donate 5k to Future4200.com to support this badass forum that we love.

Real talk, we primarily focus on designing great equipment and we kinda suck at marketing. But that’s okay because for us it’s about QUALITY over quantity. Word-of-mouth is the way. Here’s a testimonial we did recently, check it out: ApolloXstill® Testimonial Video

Here’s some general details of the system below but please fire away with any questions you have.

Model: AX100 Turnkey Extraction System
Method: Cold ethanol (choose any temp to as low as -80C)
Input: Dry biomass (trim or flower)
Output: Winterized, solvent-free, decarboxylated (optional), 70-80% potency, full-spectrum cannabinoid oil (ready for distillation or other post-processes).
Throughput: up to 200lbs/hr
Closed-loop & Automated. Requires one operator to load/unload the centrifuge every 15 min and to monitor the system.
What’s Included: PLUTO (cryochiller), SONIC (extraction centrifuge), SPUTNIK (filtration system), ROCKET (solvent recovery system). Plus all ancillary components: heater, chiller, vac pump, control panel, HMI controller, gear pumps, fittings, piping, wiring, etc.
Service: Installation & Onsite Training + SOPs
Electrical specs: 230V/3ph/230A or 480V/3ph/115A
Certifications: UL/Intertek listed, PSI peer-reviewed, GMP & FDA compliant
Price: $449k

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