Aphid Laser Fencing: like fusion, but only 5 years out


– can mitigate ~90% airborne aphids above canopy
– free LASIK

– LASIK performed by unqualified tech. YMMV
– garden mice are blind (+), but still present (-)

Half jokingly, I expect this sort of tech to be export controlled once people learn how to war with it. Slippery slope between robots that maim vs those that destroy completely[1].
Source: Issac “I fucking told you” Asimov

Interesting nugget:
“Obviously, as mentioned before, a detection system that identifies the presence of pests in crop fields as soon as possible must be exploited before a selective lethal treatment is dispensed.”

…and last but not least, if any of y’all somehow get involved with buying or producing these: please call it the growSpace Based Laser.

The Future is [in 5 years]


One for the roach: Scientists Create AI-Powered Laser Turret That Kills Cockroaches