Apeks Questions

I have a few questions about my Apeks Bambino after i received my rebuilt pump back.

I blew the whole diaphragm to the point of getting hydraulic oil from the pump into my extract and I’m wondering if this was due to user error.

A couple things came to mind:

Ethanol from cleaning out the filter could have been introduced into the system, will this degrade the diaphragm over time?

I do an overnight run and the system is sitting done and ready for me to finish run for several hours, will this have an adverse effect over time?

I sometimes do not clean the filter pathway after every run, i fear some oil made its way to pump, would this cause this type of failure of just a clog risk?


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This is very confusing to me.
what pump are you running?
isnt the pump after the collection pot?
without anymore details about the specifics of your setup all i can think of is your supply tank pressure exceeded the limit of your diaphragm and when it tore the pressure all went back into the pot. just an assumption tho

I ran a bambino for a few years and had to rebuild the pump a few times. Seems they just get to the point of failure and youll see when torn down the seals get thrashed from just extended use.
Maintenance queens those Apeks machines.


How many hours of use or runs would they last?

Thanks for the reply.

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I don’t know where the supply tank is on an apeks bambino


I appoligize for acting like i know. I looked up the Bambino after my post and realized its a co2 unit. I personally have never ran or seen a co2 unit before in person. I assumed it was a bho unit with a pump similair to a MVP pump. ill refrain from further assumption lol

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IES is now taking over for Apeks Parts and Service


Lane used to work for Apeks and is an expert on these machines and their maintenance.

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This is my cracked Diaphragm. What caused this and how do i avoid?

Seals were in good condition still, piston seals and bearings needed replaced, it was used so maybe just beat to shit by previous owners

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We would get about 500-800 hours out of the bambino pump if my memory serves me.
Lane is a good dude. He would come when we couldnt figure out why it wouldnt work correctly. We also had a duplex system that imo worked better thru ans thru.


Im not sure why your diaphram cracked like that. Aerosols maybe gummed it up?


One other thing to consider is the acidity of the c02 eating them up inside. Those tiny inline filters would get soooo nasty and clog up.


What parameters did you run for terps and noids?

Its been since 2018 since i ran c02 systems snd i cant remember clearly but i can tell you terps were pulled subcritical and noids supercritical.
If i can find my journals ill gladly post them.