Apeks Co2 20x20L Extractors For Sale

Item Model/Manufacturer: Apeks 20x20OLD
Description: Original owner. Retiring. We have 4 of these systems for sale. All systems come complete along with extra harvest pot, extra separator tops assemblies, five (5) 100# Co2 cylinders with safety cage, three (3) power blankets for Co2 cylinders, manual. All systems have been great producers. All have been well maintained. The double 20 liter system allows for 22 pounds of material. Special pricing if more than one system is purchased. Systems are currently operational and available for demonstration.
Systems can be picked up or we can help with delivery.
Price: $87,500
Current location of item: Colorado

We are lowering the price of the these systems.
The new price is $58,500 each.
This is an incredible price for these systems.
We have done this to help find them a new home quickly.

Just to let everyone know these units are still available

We are moving from our building and need to find these machines a new home. We have now lowered the price to $25,000 for a complete system. I have four available. If you have any questions let me know.

Still available?

Sorry for the super late response.
Yes, I have one left.