Anyone with novel cannabinoids?

I’m in the search for some novel cannabinoids. Mostly some cbn and cbg. I don’t need too much, quite honestly. It is to relieve some stress and pain for a couple of people dealing with chemo right now and one them is potentially terminal. And if I can make them comfortable in any way, I did what I could. And a couple of the higher ups are dealing with an exorbitant amount of stress with their other businesses crumbling all around them, I figure I could help them wind down a bit, as well. I have any other cannabinoids I could use. I am just needing cbn and cbg possibly 5-10g of each. I understand that’s a small odder for some, but these guys don’t need much.

Any of you hemp slangers have some to offer?

I would be honored to help any way i can. I have some live resin made from cherrywine X Chardonnay If this is truly for chemo patients we could send it out today and I wouldn’t feel right charging you anything for it. For that little of an amount I could get it out quick.
email me @ All I ask is that you’re honest about where it is going and that you let me know if they liked it/ helped them.


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Is there an abundance of cbga, possibly? I am looking for specifically cbg(a) and cbn. I have plenty of cbd at the moment, along with cbda extracts that I can use, as well

Ah I see. Possibly. I can shoot you over a COA and let you take a look if you would like. send me an email and ill forward it to you.

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