Anyone using a peeler/pusher?

Who else is using a peeler/pusher for extraction?

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Had one in my hands for a bit, couldn’t come up with the rest of the pieces required to make it go.

Came close, but landlord had lied about available power, which we didn’t figure out early enough to recover from.

Actual fuge was still languishing in Eugene last I asked about it…


aw maaaan, that sucks majorly. its definitely a more costly investment and the additional equipment needed for cleanup downstream, buuuuuuut, well i neednt say more than that sucks you didnt get to get it going

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itd be a neat thing to see a pusher made for LPG

Might explode OR turn into a projectile weapon, or even BOTH if you get the timing right?


Problem is how easily those two could be sync’ed.

The mechanical seals I’ve encountered in ‘fuges designed to be flooded are mostly those traditionally seen in pumps. They require lubrication (cooling) from the process fluid or they get hot. Really hot!!

So when you’re spinning as fast as you can to dry your material, they can get into the auto-ignition range (365C iirc).

The idea of getting down below UEL right around the time we hit auto-ignition temps is what keeps me from exploring any further down that rabbit hole. Despite knowing there are engineering fixes available.

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:rofl: i said neat, not practical. would have to be totally jacketed, everywhere and then thats probably still not enough

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Just saying I’ve looked at it, just a little, and walked away cause it looks scary :shushing_face:

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nightmare fuel