Anyone use Flora Pro before?

I am wanting to try them out and would like to get suggestion from pro and cons. thank you

While likely an unintentional pun, a pretty apt description of the community. Haha

Haven’t used this product, but you should probably consider editing the thread title (and maybe the post, too).



No need to be sorry! Just looking to try and get you better responses instead of being (jokingly) heckled by people like me. I’m a stickler for grammar. Haha

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this is posted in cannabiz but I googled it and found nutes?

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Lmao thank you for this

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I moved your topic to the Botany and Cultivation category in hope of finding the best audience

If it is FloraPro nutrients they work well. I prefer non-hydro store, non-Hawthorne fertilizer. I would suggest HGV, Jack’s Classic Hydro and Masterblend for the money.