Anyone use dry ice for winterization [direct contact] ?

Hey Everyone,
I was doing a consultation for wipe film on a client facility today, and saw client was pouring dry ice into solution for winterization.
Is this method practical? Any pro/cons about this method?

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With the water in ethanol carboxilic acid can be formed in amounts that will cause issues in the process down the line so I do not recomend


I do this all the time. It does lower the ph of the ethanol after. Mines at 3.5ph. There is a way to up the ph, I havent done that as of yet.


Do you get a bit more of the azuline when distilling with it being a lower ph?
I was shown that method first starting out but needed less fine filters to start with, which made it very slow since it agitates all the wax into finer particles.

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@Roguelab Carbonic, not carboxyllic. Very different things.

Only irresposible operators will make direct contact between between the solution and a heat transfer fluid/media.

@Demontrich @Homesteader
Distilling with a low PH and throwing DI in your solution will absolutely degrade the cannabinoids inside. DONT DO THIS FOR PRODUCTION MATERIAL, you will be destroying your oil and ripping off your customers


You can surround a tightly closed container with dry ice, your winterization inside the container, and dry ice on the outside all in a cooler. Putting dry ice in your winterization is only going to give you problems ie. carbonic acid. But just buy a blast freezer :slight_smile:


Another fast method is pre chilling 80% of solvent to be used then ad 20% warm solvent with crude oil and freeze of

Fortunately I didn’t like how it reacted and only did it once!

I really think that dry ice comes in different ph or pollutants involved
@Demontrich has not have problems
And I only in 20% of the cases


I use food grade di used in electrical and food cleaning. 3.5ph is what mine tested at. I’ve dont 3x washes and rotovap