Anyone sell cbd htsfe or terp sauce?

I just got my first real live resin from @AshevilleExtracts. I’m in VA so our access to quality extracts is limited, so I ordered some Carolina Peach from ashville extracts. Its the first legit live resin I’ve ever had and it was an eye opening experience.

When I opened the container a clear terp layer could be seen on top, looked just like all the hemp and cdt terps I’ve ever bought. Then something clicked. I’ve been wishing I could get some htsfe or terp sauce for diluting carts, I’ve read people will sell it by the ounce, but since I’m not in a legal state I figured I would never see any.

Then I realized there are some cbd extractors out there like ashville extracts who probably make and have cbd terp sauce. I sent ashville extracts a dm today on instagram, waiting to hear back, but in the mean time, anyone have some cbd terp sauce for sale? Something they poured off or spun off some diamonds?


Check dm


He’s deff working with a fuge now for mechanical separation I’d wait on that DM back if it’s still available and he hasn’t sold out yet it’s assuredly some :fire:


Head’s up I moved your Topic to the appropriate category…happy terp hunting :call_me_hand:


I would definitely wait for @AshevilleExtracts to get back to you. Sometimes it takes him 2 or 3 days. If you look into some of his threads, you will find his phone number. That’s the fastest way of contacting him.


You might also try to reach him through IG, or FB. I know that he is pretty active on IG, and you might get a response a little faster through that platform


I just had caterax surgery the other day so I am resting. But I did spin some up today.
I spun some non CR live resin so the fraction is a little thicker. I would definitely sell all I have.


Hey guys update on the hte.

I have about 300 lbs of cbd nug to run through and I’m ready to start pumping it out. Everything will be cold crashed butane extract. Fat free and very minimal cannabinoid content. Ill update with a coa and product pictures by next week.

Menu is


Sour space candy


Siskiyou gold



Have you had any luck blasting the CBG? In my experience butane does not pull it well. And idk if there’s any terps but there’s little to no nose on the stuff I’ve come across.


I guess we will see. I just took on all this nug from my partner. Ive been trying to get him to let me blast it all for months, now I finally got the green light.

And you’re correct, cbg has a mild nose. Its interesting though dont you think!?


I’m interested in trying some if you make your way up north at some point

edit: prefer to try the full spec, not just the HTE

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I call dibs on some of that!

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These were test runs of the nug. Cold crashed the heavy stuff, leaving a honey like viscosity. No crc on this test batch, but I am able to offer both crc or non crc.

(If you see specs in the oil, its under the jar not in it lol)


I’m interested in what ya can do here.
All eyes on you. CBG does not crystallize in my experience. I have done some blends with some luck. I recently posted a video on my IG of a blend. Good luck.

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Stoked to see how the Cali Hemp OG turns out

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Any of them come out with different exotic notes than we use to?