Anyone see this article on plant density from Phylos?

I thought this was interesting? Has anyone used their seed?

Phylos is kinda toxic to most of the community after they went back on their non-commercial usage promises


“The study was conducted using two varieties of Phylos’ recently introduced day-neutral (auto-flowering) cannabis genetics.”

who grows auto-flower plants?

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Fuck phylos

I’ve seen greenhouse slap full huge plants that were autos and smelled and looked great


A good portion of Raw Garden’s SKUs are/were from Mephisto genetics.

Show me the tests… my years of experience growing don’t concur with the findings


This is not even surprising look at high density hemp.


“… was found to remain consistent between all density treatments in the study.”

On what definition of “consistent” is this conclusion based?

Statistics good. Vague conclusions without reference to statistics bad.

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Right?! SOG ain’t new.

This bit is what ultra high-density SOG growers forget. The whole plant needs high airflow velocity (1-2+ meter/s) with red/blue light reaching the lower canopy for the most uniform cannabinoid/terpene concentrations (smallest delta) between the top and bottom flowers.

The study found that plants in 2-gallon pots produced taller, wider plants with larger individual flowers. However, lower-density plantings were found to produce a higher percentage of Grade A flower, marketable as higher-priced, top-shelf dispensary flower. But in terms of crop profitability, the increase in quality did not compensate for the lower yield resulting from less dense plantings. Researchers found that growing at higher densities for higher yield maximized the return on production costs, including electricity, nutrient and water requirements.

SOG means a high variation in secondary metabolite production from top to bottom. And increased chances for PM and bud root in the lower section and substrate algae from less light and reduced airflow velocity. But at least it yields the most flower weight; who cares if it’s lower quality, and we need to do post-harvest flower remediation (ozone/irradiation/etc.) to pass state-mandated CFU thresholds. :thinking:

The study found that plants in 2-gallon pots produced taller, wider plants with larger individual flowers

Shade avoidance isn’t only for my over-tanned and leathery-skinned stepmom!

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