Anyone running a Automated Extractions system

Is anyone here running a Automated Extractions system? They are based out of New York. What’s your thought on the performance and if you looked at them why did you not go with them?

Looking at full system that claims to process 5000lbs per day to distillate for $1.7 million.

Only interested in their system if you have knowledge of them not what I can do with $1.7 instead.


Not that it really matters, but I just checked out their website, and it looks like something is misconfigured.

It only does an insecure http connection. If you try to force a https connection it has a TLS certificate for, which is hosted on the same IP address. Probably just a configuration issue.

Might be a red flag about the lack of attention to detail.

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I guess if you were selling a machine for $1.7 million then you could probably afford 10k for a website designer/programmer to take care of that stuff huh?


Not really enamored with the design they’re showing here. If I was looking for a fully automated system like this i’d probably go with Deutsche first. Haven’t used one though.

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Can you tell us what you have learned about this system since you posted this?

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Your companies’ website is really well done. Do you do any business in the midwest?

John from Automated Extractions here. Thanks for the comments about our website…yes, we are overdue for an update. We’re working on migrating to a new platform with a secure connection, but have been focused on the development of our equipment and services. I can’t explain any connection to though…will have to look into that one. While we’re not a young company (we have a long track record providing automated systems to other industries since 2003), we don’t yet have resources dedicated to the upkeep of our site…soon!

Our website does not reflect our current offerings and capabilities which, in addition to the extraction and separation equipment listed, also includes winterization, filtration, solvent recovery, and distillation for systems up to 10,000 pounds of hemp per day. I’d be happy to answer any questions or provide more details on what we do.