Anyone need big volume -80℃ chiller in USA?

Item Model/Manufacturer:DLSB-300/80
Low temperature Range: -80℃-RT
Cooling capacity:
Ordinary temperature: 48735W
0C: 39811W
-40C: 27232W
-60C: 10324W
-80C: 2678W
Price/MSRP: $18500-$19500
Current location of item:On the ship to USA
Estimated lead time: 25 Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: 1 year

Further info.pls add my whatsapp No.86-15136112524 or send email to

The chiller DLSB300/80 has arrived to Long Beach port and will deliver to California warehouse this week.Do you need the big guy in your lab?

Test video of our chiller DLSB300/80.
Stock in LA warehouse,ready for pick up!
Further info.pls DM or send email to


2 sets of 220v 3 phase, 2 sets of 480 v 3 phase,

chiller 300l/-80℃ in LA warehouse. ready for pick up!

pls dm for more info.