Anyone making Hemp Paper or know a facility making it?

I’m looking to make paper/packaging from our spent hemp and was wondering if anyone on here knew someone off the top of their heads that makes paper currently from hemp.


Linkedin is a great place to find this. A lot of companies starting to come online. Shoot me a DM withyour email and anytime i see a post about it ill forward it over to you.

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I’ve talked to some of the folks on linked in. It seems like they are all just posting stuff they don’t really have anything to do with. Linked in is a strange place lol


I did some research into that. I found some machines in Asia for the pulp process, and the machines that make tissue seem to be the most economical to transform pulp into paper. On a small scale you can use screens on frames with drying racks and do it the old fashion way. I saw a rolling paper company that was using hemp paper, can’t remember their name though. How are you approaching this? Fun or profit?

I just want to make our marketing material and packaging with our spent hemp. It seems like we might as well since all of this hemp has been processing with CO2 and is just sitting around doing nothing. Happy to pay to have the hemp processed into paper/packaging.

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IIRC, the hemp pulp for paper comes from hemp stalks.

only about 25% of the dried hemp stem—the bark, called bast—contains the long, strong fibers desirable for paper production.


I think it all depends on how they make the paper. My understanding is they can use the milled material but need to use the right binding agents or something. I’m no paper whiz though. I just wanna make something with all this spent hemp. It seems lame to toss it.

If the fiber is to short it takes more binder to make the paper, lowering the quality and increasing the cost. That being said I’m actually working at a paper mill that manufactures papers stock for packaging. It’s next to the lowest grade of paper made, it’s all 3rd time recycled paper and it’s as much glue as it is pulp because the fibers are so broken down.


Hemp Logic Is producing hemp paper.

I spoke with them they are impossible to work with. lol.

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How much market is there for this? One of the paper mills in town just announced that they were shutting down, the mill is equipped to make and print packaging stock. There’s also a pilot plant sitting idle at a local college that could be used for formulation and process refinement.


with all the hemp being grown and processed I’m sure I’m not the only one that is considering this or has considered this. I feel like the market has potential.


Sweet. Bump

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I get my 8.5x11 sheets of hemp paper from a company called hemp heritage

Also get cards/boxes from hemp press in eug

In general I’d love to get involved in any step of the process - whether it’s for packaging or paper.

There’s a facility here that processes+distributes paper products (notebooks, coloring books, notepads, etc) and I’m pretty sure their machines could work with hemp paper. Also pretty worried that their facility won’t fare well in the upcoming recession.

Use it for composting toilets

For hemp fiber/paper products they use hemp stalk from plants grown 7-10 ft tall densely packed like corn.

If I were you I would just buy hemp labels from somewhere else because I do like the idea of using hemp packaging in general let alone with hemp products.

I wanna do hemp rolling papers

It will take quite the hydropulper to break the fibers down fine enough for rolling papers.