Anyone make CBD Terpsolate/ Shatter?


Where are you all sourcing your terps for CBD terpsolate?

Do you use a botanical, like True Terpenes, or add a full spectrum extract back in? Terpenes have been challenging for me lol


Besides the name, what can be trademarked? Or how enforceable is it? Id imagine if someone just put single drop of hemp oil to “stabilize” or even used a different % of isolate 99.7 instead of 99.5%? Would it be considered different?


I was curious to the trademarking as well as I had a debate on this subject recently. From my understanding, no cannabis products can be trademarked. The names neither.


And big pharma has CBD patented- so good luck with fighting them for it when they start cracking down- it’s looming.


Who has the patent
Love to fight them for there is more money to win in that case than in all cbd :grinning:
Seriously they can not win for sure