Anyone looking for the -80°C chiller in the US?

DLSB-50/80, -80°C chiller is in the California warehouse, ready to ship at any time. 220V, 60Hz, three-phase, adopts two 6hp compressors, matched with storage tanks, and vessels for pre-chilling, winterization, and recovery.

What is the cooling capacity @ -40C?

Is there 480v options available

DLSB-300/80 CHILLER is available in the LA warehouse! 480V, 3 phases, 13HP. Perfect unit for pre-chilling and winterization. Can ship at any time.
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Let’s check this big toy!
Chiller of DLSB-500/80.

DLSB-40/80 chiller matches with the 100lb stainless steel tank, sold in the USA!

DLSB-40/80, and DLSB-50/80 model chillers are on promotion now, pm for price and details.
Phone & WhatsApp: 8613523521812

DLSB-500/80 large model chiller, Bitzer compressor, 485 communication interface, Siemens PLC touch screen, explosion-proof panel. PM for more details.