Anyone know about a Van Steenburgh refrigerant reclaim system

So I bought this refrigerant reclaim system at an auction that I was going to see if I could get some parts off of and the more that I look at the machine the more that I think it could possibly be a complete extraction system minus the columns. I could be wrong but I would like to see if anybody else can look at this and tell me their take on it. There is a link here to the patent that was originally filed for the machine that gives you a good explanation of what this machine does. And to me it sounds like I could possibly just use it with a couple of columns in a tank of butane.?

Looking at the separator I doubt it to be oilless wich makes it a no go
But I could be wrong haven t read the patent yet

The oil separator is for cleaning refrigerant I believe and could possibly be used for a collection pot of sorts maybe? I am also considering using it as a glycol chiller if it’s not possible to use as a closed loop. If you have any insight on what I could use it for I would appreciate any input.

sounds like a good deal of scrap to fund buying the right tools.

Yeah I know and I have a decent system already. I have had this unit sitting around for a bit and was going to take some fittings from it and whatnot. However I started looking it over and saw that it has a chiller inside one of the tanks and it is used almost exactly the way a well modified cls works so I thought I would see if someone else could look at it and give me reasons why not to scrap it. Do you have any other ideas other than to scrap the unit?