Anyone is looking for cheap disposable pen? MOQ is 1000, price 2USD/pcs

Hey guys I have a batch disposable pen on hand, which is with some brand’s logo. Anyone is interested in them? The unit price is 2USD and MOQ is 1000pcs. The total quantity is 20k pieces only.

I don’t want to post the picture here. If you want, please DM me and I send you picture. 2USD is bottom price, we don’t accept negotiations thanks.

Hi could you please DM me pics.

How are they filled ?

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Can you overnight samples? I need 5. I can vemo or zelle you $50 for shipping.

@Lenny they are trash my guy

yep. sample for quality testing is highly welcome. pls dm me ur shipping address

dude, may i see ur good one ? atcaully i just sent 20,000pcs this device to Sacramento of CA lol

I dont make carts bruh just test them

Don’t leave your fucking message in my post thank you


The one that I’m selling is not fake, all of them are from the original factory. The client doesn’t operate their brand anymore, so I help to resell to get some costs back. That’s why those pens are with branded logo.

If anyone wants to buy a cheap and custom own logo, please check Made in China or DHgate,

I have sold out 3000 yesterday, the quantity still leaves 17000 pieces.

Hey anyone wants 510 cartridge? 1USD for gold metal cartridge and 1USD for full ceramic cartridge

We’re promoting HH brand disposable, Is anyone looking for cheap disposable? Please contact me.

2USD/pcs for each disposable pen.