Anyone in the market for some Twister T2's?

Item Model/Manufacturer: Used Twister T2’s w/ trim collectors
Description: Standard Twister T2 set ups, with the trim collectors. Used. We have 4 of them for sale. We’ve always used T2’s until we recently upgraded to the Mobius. So we are just trying to get rid of them to clear up space. Will sell as a bundle or separate. Will listen to all offers.
Normal wear, could maybe use some new tubes/hoses on the trim collectors, but the actual T2’s are all cleaned up and still in good shape.
Price/MSRP: $5000/ea (kind of an arbitrary number. Will hear all offers)
Current location of item: Southern CO
Estimated lead time: 7 Days (ship or pick up immediately)
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller (x)
User support / Warranty: n/a

can get more pics if needed.


do they have an hour used meter?

I wish I hadn’t just bought one new!


no hour meter. they definitely have some hours on em. The blades and tumblers on all 4 units have been replaced though. They are still fairly new. Replaced within the last 8 months.



are these things obsolete these days? priced too high? anything?

@thumper needs one, How about you ship him one for the 4k he has available?
The bottom one looks the cleanest

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i dont have it. id have to sell off my valuables like my fucking helicopters. If my hands dont stop shaking when i stop drinking then they are no good. i can add expo which could help. id trade my badass homogenizer for a t6 in new condition.

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My bad, I miss understood :confused:
Good to hear your trying to cut down on the brews.
If a degenerate like me can do it you certainly can.

no t2 for me.

Are the T2’s still available?

Yessir they are. How many you looking for? you can email me too,