Anyone here use Sepiolite?

Hey everyone,

Just started at a new lab after a bit of a hiatus and this new place is using Sepiolite as the main CRC media. It looks and behaves just like the CRX from Mediabros but they are saying they paid only $2400 for a literal ton of it.

I’ve been looking online for a couple of days but have had no success in finding info on its use in the extraction world. There was one post on here that mentioned its a bleaching clay but that was it. Ive found more info on it being used as a cat litter and chinchilla bathing dust than I have for extraction type processes etc.

Just want to mainly make sure its ok to use as I don’t want my extractions getting people sick.

Looks like Sepiolite is MagSil. Should be good to use as long as you’re filtering it all out.


I use a different chroma adsorbant called Seplite with elderberry and thought you meant that at first. It holds onto the anthocyanins and flavonoids specifically.