Anyone have suggestions for small scale packaging equipment providers?

Tinctures capsules vapes etc. couples thousand units a week of each.

Any suggestions? Getting different opinions to compare against what I’ve used in the past that wasn’t the best.

Cheaper non automated will probably be what we start with.

For the vape carts as well as capsules, you can use a cart shooter with an adjustable dose.
Yspilanti oil company or something like that has em…
For tincture you’d want something larger like a 15 and 30 ml pipette. (Scamazon or eBay)

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you have already been to @qma house. Who knows this shit better than him for the most part.

On a site with some of the smartest people in the industry and he sticks out like a sore thumb in the packaging and dispensing area.


ATG Pharma has some pretty neat equipment. Of course, you could go with China equipment for much cheaper, but for more complex equipment like that the China route sounds like a nightmare getting equipment support.

I was also talking to the folks at Rocky Mountain PLC last month and they have similar equipment for much cheaper, but nothing for capsules and they don’t have peristaltic pumps.

Ya we are grabbing they’re dual head unit with the heating units. Things badass but like 50k

The peristaltic pumps are gonna be very cool to see in person

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Ya gonna be grabbing one of his units for our vape carts. And then probably some sort of foot pedal auto pipette with a reservoir for caps and tinctures

@CBNight ight made a pneumatic one. He didn’t finish the project but if you mixed @qma set up with @CBNight one. This would be awesome.

Computerized. Lol


I mean that’s all the fancy ones are. Just have a sensor that tells the pump how much material to dispense each time you’d just have to move the dispensing head by hand. So hooking up a pump to QMAs reservoir is would do whatever you needed it to do.

No, a linear actuator and a conveyor belt. Air timed is annoying

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I have used capsulCN a few times, so they email spam me all the time now.