Anyone have luck with decarbing live resin terps?

Been filling cell carts with dewaxed live resin terps after most of the thca crashes out, everyone loves the way they taste, but shelf life is only about a week before it crystallizes in carts. Is there anyway to decarb the Terps without affecting taste?

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You want an inert atmosphere. This is typically achieved with vacuum but as you probably know, vacuum removes terps by lowering boiling point.

One way around this is to use an inert gas like argon and pressure to Decarb. Argon avoids side reactions and the pressure raises the terps boiling points, keeping them in the extract.


Crash ur terps better? Then Add to disty or I guess decarb oil or diamonds


Do you know what temps to use when decarbing? @StoneD

Filling them with just HTE?

Cut 50/50 with distillate…


Filling with straight HTE no cut, they are not crazy strong but super flavor with a good little high. @cyclopath

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Yep…and they are crystallizing, which will not happen if you cut with 50% distillate…

Or if you decarb the thca in there.

It has been recommended that you Decarb under pressure to retain terps?

Getting a potency on them would also be informative…seems like you’re above 40%thca


You will probably achieve a better product using 50/50 or similar distillate:HTE. Disty prices are so low that this is probably your best solution unless you want to heat the cartridge. Also, it will get you higher and still taste just as good.

Also you could decarb the diamonds and add the HTE back.


Have you explored ?!?

always had good luck decarbing live in a small rotovap for pens …it keeps it from having a burnt taste

i am look to rid of some bad taste and make an quick to take oil. with it. so can i not cover while i decaarb

understanding why it tastes bad would be helpful.
which might require understanding how it was made.

if you were to take the advice given above and Decarb under pressure to retain terps?

chances are you’d retain the “tastes bad”…but that depends on why it tastes bad.