Anyone have CBD crumble

Hi…medical firm asking me for crumble with very low thc…1 to test and then 100 a month…


I have it

You making it or broker …no problem either way

What strains of crumble do you have? What’s the cost per g?

I have some that my friend made, and another good friend of mine has a VERY legit and nice lab and CBD business so I work hand in hand with both of them.
From me it’s, 10 a gram. In larger quantities it’s 8 per

Did you you see what i need? 1 kg today to test…and then 50 kg contract…every two weeks .

I do See. I just misunderstood

If you’d like one to test that’s no problem as soon as the money clears the account I can send you one

I make a dabbable concentrates and crumble from hemp
Butane is my hydrocarbon method.
I have whole slabs available and also packaged grams and half grams.
IG: is the best place to view my lab and products. @AshevilleExtracts
Packaged grams are $25 wholesale and $15 for the 1/2g

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Im looking for cbd crumble thats T compliant with a little bit of d8 in it. I know its hard to isolate d9 from d8 but it seems the processors dont have anything like that