Anyone have a used overhead sonicator we can buy for fairly cheap ASAP?

Looking for something that can do small volume sonication for our hot plate mixing.

Looking to grab it sometime this week.


I have a C1D1 rated 20L Hemogenizer I’m not using at the moment, if your interested, message me, we can work a deal

If he’s not I am

I’m wrong. Deleted message! lol

i was about to ask you for a link to that

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Back off you vulture!! Lol

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I think he’s looking for something more like this

an homogenizer and a sonicator are not the same critter…

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I know that, I was replying to @RedundantAlexithymia

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I lied! We need an overhead mixer! I’ll probably just buy one then online. If anyone has recommendations for something that’s like 350$

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I initially replied about a homogenizer, realized I was wrong and deleted it, but he saw it and wanted to see it still

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So a homogenizer then?

:thinking: I was pretty sure that was how it was going to go down…

the aspie in just me had to point at that which was requested.

back to feeding the machines.
really should teach them how to feed themselves :wink:


@Siosis pity you don’t actually need that sonicator…

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I use this one, pretty good…I see the price has increase quite a bit on them too

Lol 22,000$ does it blow me as it sonicates?


no. that’s the homo-genizer :wink:


HA nice

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Lol wut

Well if anyone needs a homogenizer, let me know, just sitting on my shelf in storage