Anyone have a bulk distilled water supplier? We need it by the tote

We havnt been able to find a supplier that would sell it to us by the tote. And getting tired of buying it by the pallet.

Any direction would be appreciated.

Located in Florida


I usually make my own from a steam generator with filters.

The company I use to build my skids is Mac Water. They do basically everything you want for water purification and they work with hemp and cannabis companies around the country. Their team of engineers is awesome as well, and they will design and build to your scale.

If you need totes of this or pallets of this - than going this way will probably pay for itself in a handful of weeks.

If you really really want to buy this in a 270 gallon carboy or a 55 gallon drum you can - from Sigma Aldrich or ChemWorld.

If you want much smaller quantities than this both companies sell in smaller increments as well.

Good luck with your quest. :slight_smile: Let us know what you land on.


Make your own


Yeah, I was just going to list a link to a 20L/H distiller: 20L/H Lab Pure Water Distiller Stainless Moonshine Easy Install and No Leakage | eBay

Get a RO system =P

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Just convert a spd breh


Not sure which one is the best system, but I’d just hook up something like this of these to run all day into totes/carboys/etc


We need more then anyone could feasibly make a week. Making it isn’t an option sadly


Do you want this by the truckload? Like 60,000 gallons at a go? You can buy this by the truck load if you want - this is a supplier from the Midwest. There are others in other places, I’m in the Midwest, so that’s what I know. :slight_smile:

Also - you can totally make what you need in a day - I was doing 320,000 gallons in an eight hour shift in Kentucky. If you need more than that…Mac Water can solve this problem for you. Reach out to them. They do water systems for entire cities - are you bigger than a city? :smiley:


Here’s a tote: Bulk Water, 275 Gallon Tote (
But for like $15 more bucks you can purchase their RO system

I may have someone that can help who’s located in North Ga. Send me a dm if interested.

Name your price dog. Let’s see who gets it to ya first!

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Look into semiconductor mega ohm filtration systems. They use it like water on a daily basis. Multiple vendors I’m sure exist.

Between a massive truckload and The amount I could make for myself that would be cost effective without becoming a water distillation company


Sounds like your in the wrong business then.


@Killa12345 has that crystal clear water in Boca by the tanker loads I hear.


We crc that water for clarity. Normally it’s all piss and shit according to @anon32743824


Damn, if there is really THAT much need for distilled water I’ll make myself a big ole still to make the shit! I’m dead serious… Shit, take money made from distilled, and invest in an RO system also!




Glad you could get that shit taste out of it.