Anyone got security camera recommendations?


I’m sure Google will do me just fine on finding some options. But just wondering if anyone’s got any recommendations for a centralized and affordable camera setup? Wanted probably a dozen cameras. Some on my equipment and gauges, and then on doors/windows/etc. Web app to access them on mobile would probably be key.

I’ve been using a Nest camera, and it’s pretty great, but I doubt grabbing a dozen of those is going to be my most cost effective solution.

Anyone have any recommendations, or things to avoid? It’s an entire rabbit whole I could dive into. Was even thinking of using a bunch of old smartphones lol.

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I’m trying to decide on a system now too

I really like the clarity of the 4K cameras but I need a few dozen cameras between my facilities

Our local Costco carries a Lorax brand I bought a four camera 4K system for about $800 and it was decent but I couldn’t get it to stop sending me notifications from the motion sensors no matter how many different ways I tried

Maybe I’ll just buy a whole bunch of cheap used 1080p cameras. Have them display onto a 4k monitor. Then have a single 4k remote camera that can zoom in on the 4k screen.

I can’t decide if I’m joking and if that’s a stupid idea or not.

wyze cameras are pretty cheap. $20. WiFi. 1080p. Not really centralized.

wired or wireless?

If you go with a centralized system, I would get a UPS to go with it.

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Arlo 2

I have 2 sets of 4 camera setups
All wireless. Batteries get $, but I dont want to hardwire them.

I’m 450.00 into an 8 camera 2 base all wireless setup

Theres no point. It will be recording something thats not 4k

Yah I understood that much, but was just wondering if my cheapest option to get a centralized system would be to pay big for one good camera. And then get 10-15 small cheap ones.

You probably will want some cameras with different lenses for different uses.

Most security cameras have wide angle lenses. Those may not work well for gauges.

I’ve been looking at a M12 lens set that had a decent field of view graphic.

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