Anyone extracted terrible quality CBD hemp?


I’ve got a line on an “unlimited” amount of CBD hemp kief.
I"m humming and hawing about whether or not to move some small scale equipment to the site (couple hundred lb/day).

The issue is that the it’s only 1.8% cbd (x-59 or something?)

Now I’ve got pretty unlimited access to alcohol. I was thinking about using some standard freezers, and just shooting for -10c. Hope for maybe a 20-30% cbd/vol?

Maybe refine further with winterizing/distillate/dcvc?

Is this a project worth tackling? Obviously it comes down to numbers, but does anyone have experience running this kinda garbage? lol

Thx in advance!


In times like these do a test run take a. Kg run iT at -10 and check outcome i think 20% cbd by volume


1.8% isn’t keif, that’s powderized plant material mostly


Often hemp like that will have a high THC:CBD ratio. So that’s something to keep in mind. I’ve seen crude from hemp like that that was 30% CBD and 10% THC. The strain was ‘Colorado Gold’


Ancient hemp used for the fiber in Building materials has a 1.4% cbd and 0.02 % thc in the flower so real hemp not cultivated and Bred for cbd



Yeah it’s x-59 garbage lol. But it’s pretty much free… Just deliberating the value of time.

If i evaporate off the ethanol at ambient pressure the stuff will be boiling at 78C, is that going to have some degredation issues? Do I need to run it under vacuum?


No No issues in evaporating off the etho with heat for degradacion


I don t know what type of still You want to use but a simple Home Bree still often works faster When a small cfm singel stage vacuum pump is attached for iT sucks the vapors treu the Condenser


I’ve got a 200L glycol jacketed still. Just a natural gas burner underneath.


Cool does iT have a agitator like a magnetic stirrer or an overhead stirring device ?
If not Trow in a bag of marbels to let the cooking proces go more controled
Like booiling Stones in a flask
And adding Some suction vapor flow can also speed up the proces


Good call :smiley: thx, might have to give that a go.

The jacket itself hits about 96C though. Thermals might be an issue at that point?

Slight vacuum would probably get it down to a more comfortable point though.


Just wanted to clarify, are you suggesting running the system under vacuum? Or running it open to atmosphere with a vacuum assist?


Once vacuum is applied the boiling Stones loose effect so watch that


Atmosfeer with vacuum assist is fine for iT Will force more vapors into the Condenser