Anyone ever use mother liquor for testing terps?

title pretty much says it all… im curious if anyone that fills d9 with terps can recommend or has ever used mother liquor for running test batches of terps(mainly bdts but cdt/hdts too)

i have a bunch of different flavors to make samples of on a tight time line and figure out what to add to our new drop, and because of the viscosity of ML it should wick/be ready to try out fairly quick and not get me rocked. For years i have always just done a final formulation of d9 and 4-6% terps for running samples and having to wait days to not burn the coil, just now wondering about this. Obviously there can be some variation in potential flavor depending on the end viscosity of the d9 mix and how well/fast it wicks compared to ML sample blends. Anyways please share some input thanks.