Anyone ever tested decarbed diamonds?

Just curious as to what the results were, thanks


@johnbigoilco @Dukejohnson Ever directly lab test some liquidized crystalline?


what are you ACTUALLY after?

how decarbed were they?

that till differ depending on goal
most won’t be aiming at 100%.
because that begs for degradation.

or do you actually want to see before AND after COA’s and understand the mass balance (how much did they loose?)?

because “can you show me a COA for THC + THCA” doesn’t strike me as the question you actually have in mind.

are you simply not convinced that it is easier to make 98% THC without going to distillate?


Im asking about the TAC percentages, and if there is any minors, on fully decarbed diamonds

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why would the minors or TAC change appreciably upon decarb?

(again: does your question require before AND after?).

and no, you asked if any one had done it. many have. you’d like them to share specific data. in order to facilitate that I’m trying to figure out exactly what that data ought look like.

loss of cannabinoids may well happen if trying to achieve 100% decarbed. so most folks probably don’t (some may not test…)

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No it doesnt require before, all im asking is what the cannabinoid results look like for fully decarbed thca diamonds.

If you start with 99% thca diamonds you should end up with 99% thc after fully decarboxylating. You can measure how decarbed it is by its weight. Once fully decarbed pure THCa will lose 12.3% of its weight.


Most testing Labs do not have there stuff dialed to test liquid/decarbed diamonds. We find the decarbed diamonds come over 100% on a few occasions. It’s insane to me that all the decarbed I’ve seen tests higher then distilate thats been winterized and degummed. Anyone have any ideas why it tests so high?


Clean facets test out 98%+ THC if decarbed with a good sop. Trick is preventing it from turning purple.
Spun sugar is 94-97%.


Because these labs pump out dog shit results if they even think what you are testing may be distillate. When every distillate vendor COA from the same lab :rofl:


Shots fired. Bro they just got us with there bs tests. 1 20l batch of disty made 6 strains of carts all same terp cut. All 20l were homogenized prior to mixing terps to ensure all vapes come close to same tac. Ended up with over 5% variance and they won’t make it right. Our client is super upset. Not upset enough to test with somone else tho lol


Certain labs really loving that our shit is nearly a pure compound so they can push that 10% allowable valence to it’s limits.


you’ve got folks who’ve “tested decarbed diamonds”…if you ask nicely they might post COA’s.

no problems aiming at full decarb?
(that might be an ethanol thing?)

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Full decarb is a bitch to hit but it gives me the highest THC % because CA makes THCa seem less potent due to conversion factor and labeling requirements.
Lots of liquid diamonds people show me is purple. I can’t have purple Vapes, I’m not @TheWillBilly people will ask me wtf is this. If you formulate quickly it’s no problem but I also wholesale the stuff and massive color changes on products people buy is best avoided. To lazy to hunt down COA but I can tell you all you see is d9, a tiny bit of cbn and maybe a wee bit of cbg, and of course THCa if you didn’t finish

It does an interesting phenomenon when decarbing if you stop before it finishes. Large bubbles form in the glass like material. It’s worth noting diamonds are the most resistant form of THCa I have found to decarb.


Because it’s crystallized so it’s basically 99% pure. Depends how clean the diamonds are of course if there’s sauce/terp on them still it will test a bit lower


The days of buying expensive summit distilling gear are over


Decarb in a sealed jar and it won’t change color.


Does this mean his posts will stop too?!

Just keep away from o2 while warm to avoid purple? I got scared when I saw some and stopped heating. But don’t think I decarbed enough when messing with it, was almost solid at room temp.


Mix with native terpene extract or has anyone tried cutting with BDT?