Anyone ever found silicon cork rings?

Tired of our cork rings crumbling or having to wrap them in tinfoil to go into vac ovens so they don’t crumble and get into material.

Anyone ever seen a silicon cork ring? Would make life so much easier.

Only found 1 alternative and it’s those plastic ones that have ridges to hold multiple sized flasks.

If they don’t exist one of these companies need to get on that asap.

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something like this?

or this


“reaction blocks”

Not sure if this would be a help. Though I haven’t been able to find cheap ptfe versions of those only expensive anodized aluminum ones which seem like they could be a lot cheaper.

… I know I throw this out there probably too much but you can always look into getting custom fabrication work done and shop around for the cheapest option for someone to make you rbf holders.


Sounds like something easy to 3D print, although silicone would be badass


I use uniseals

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did you search for “silicone cork ring”?

not a win

“silicone flask stand” hits…

it’s all in how you ask the all knowing one for assistance…
and here is @anon64373531’s link again for those that missed it (might have to prove you’re not a robot after trimming)


For sure easily milled from delrin or similar material

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There’s a bearing housing or something i can’t remember that is the exact same sizes. Let me see if i can find it, i think it was posted here

could also find a silicone bundt pan that fits your flask


Who else misread the title and still clicked? I thought it said silicone, what were you all thinking???


I can make a cad file to get it printed in whatever material. I use PETG for most stuff, it’ll tolerate at least 135f for long periods(highest I’ve tested long term)


:man_facepalming:t2: God damnit thump…


Thats what it is, dirt cheap on ebay. Have a bunch couldn’t remember the name its been so long

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I’ve got quite the collection of sizes they are awesome for many things. Clutch for holding round bottoms imo. I hope you are well brother @Concentrated_humbold

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At home I use the cardboard tape roll cores, works great for me and they’re trash anyways might as well upcycle.


Thumps, I promise, you were the only one that happened to…:joy:

You got various alternative for this.

Reaction blocks are a bit an overkill.
You better look for “flask supports” and your desired material.

You are looking for this:

Thos one are more convenient and multisize:

They exist in C shape as well.
They are normally intended for the flask neck, as a weight, but they also work well as supports.


Misread silicone? I misread cork… and thought to myself well those probably wont do a very good job as replacement gaskets I wonder why he wants those for his lab…

I dont have a dirty mind like you.