Anybody Need a Licensed Transporter in CA from The Bay to LA or Beyond?

Hey Guys,

I’m super tight on cash right now, so I figured I’d throw this out there and see if anybody is in need of a reasonably priced transport or trusted bag and tag helper. I know the few transport services out there charge fees that can be cost prohibitive for smaller transactions and they don’t deal with bag and tag.

I live in the Bay Area and work in California City, so I am constantly driving back and forth between Bay Area and LA area couple times per week. I’d like to offer my transport services to anybody who is in a jam and needs a reasonably priced transport. I will be transparent with my travel distance and will only charge you gas plus a flat rate based on the hours on the road out of my normal route. I am willing to go out of my way border to border, as long as we stay within CA.

I have a Chevy Cargo Express Van and a C13 “transport-only” distro license from the BCC. I can fit about 500-600 lbs max dried trim in my van. I can do smaller amounts of FF packed in coolers on dry ice. I am licensed to distribute cannabis goods between METRC compliant businesses only. I am not allowed to deliver to retailers. I have been driving up to the mountains dealing with farmers for over 20 years so I can handle doing business with the farm. I can also perform a bag and tag for you if you need it. I roll with a trained dog for protection and have a $2M insurance policy for my business so your goods will be secure.

DM me if you might be in need of a service like this. Thanks for your support!


Hi we have lic but , if can assist on Sales

Many Thanks

Fucking epic biz you got going and cool doggo!

Is that a Belgian Malinois?


Bump. Yes it’s a Malinois. I also have a 120lb Dogo Argentino if you prefer

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Interested in your services. How much do you charge to transport Liters from Bay Area to LA County? L2L

What is the cost for a full load of trim from Carpenteria to concord?

BUMP: I’m headed to San Diego and Concord tomorrow Friday 7-10 if anybody has anything that needs L2L transport from LA area to NorCal