Any suggestions on a good testing lab?

I’m looking for a new lab to partner with. We do 20-30 tests per month right now and it will quickly grow to 100 per month by the end of the year. Oregon certified labs are backlogged and take too much time.
Does anybody have a suggestion for where I can get quality results with quick turnaround times for a decent price and possibly a bulk discount?
The vast majority of our testing is on flower and biomass.

Emphasis on:
Itemized CBD, CBDa, THC, CBG content
Mold and pesticide testing
Terpene profile would be great, but is not necessary

Any suggestions? Or is there somebody here who would like to take on a new client?

I’m assuming you are in Oregon? Have you heard of Pixis?

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At 100 samples per month you could pay for an “in house analytics” GC from SRI in just the first month.
Of course, you may still need an 3rd party lab, but the cost might be vastly reduced and the “in house” results could be available in minutes.


But asking a stranger is so much more fun :slight_smile:

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Trimplus - Adam from North Coast Analytical Labs here - love to discuss how we can help - give us a call at 234-212-1860 or hit me up here. Will also DM you my number.

I don’t even understand this question. If you’re in Oregon and want compliance results you need an oregon certified lab. I can’t recommend a lab that isn’t certified, it won’t work.

Every lab I’ve used in oregon has had problems. I’ve tried Rose City Labs, green leaf labs, lightscale, pixis, juniper, and chemhistory. The first four i mentioned were all fairly good. Couldn’t really recommend the last two. Pixis will do non-standard testing for r&d purposes which is cool.


look into Evio labs


Proverde has treated me well. ISO accredited and great lab techs and management. Im sure they will work out decent pricing for large orders.

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We are not doing this for compliance results. And yes, the labs I’ve used here in Oregon are all having various and sundry problems.

“in house analytics” is intriguing. It might not work for larger buyers to provide our own lab results, as they will want independent verification. How would I start this process with SRI?

I reached out to them yesterday. Thanks for the info! They were extremely friendly and knowledgeable, but the 5-8 business day turnaround time is a deal breaker for me.

What are you doing? Just getting r&d tests and then selling b2b on that basis? There are labs in oregon that will let you pay more for guaranteed fast turn around. I think RCL offers that

What we are doing is we are building a network of Oregon farmers and a network of buyers and bringing them together. We take only farms that passed their certified tests, so compliance is not an issue.
The problem is that nobody wants to test their flower after that first week of September required test, so everybody has outdated COAs with results from before the buds even started their last cycle of CBD production.
Every farmer is stressed out and overworked right now getting their harvesting done, so instead of trying to twist their arms to get their own tests sent in and processed so we know exactly what their product is testing at, we just snip off a bud (with their permission obviously) and ship it out to our own labs so we know what we/they are working with as far as accurate CBD/THC/CBG percentages and no mold issues.
Does that make sense? Am I doing it wrong?

If that’s the purpose doing it yourself might be the right idea. Since you are purposely trying to not get tests in the state system

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you might be.

in my experience “just snipping off a bud” leads to operator bias (read grossly inflated numbers).

I’ve asked for “samples” from three head growers and sampled buds from along a branch from the same strain.

the buds submitted by the growers were very tightly clustered around 27% THC, the buds I sampled ranged from 9% to 25% (? its been awhile) along the length of a single branch.

you need representative and ideally repetitive sampling.

Which is where having your own In House analytics is by far the best solution.


The lab testing guy I was talking to suggests taking 5 random samples from a batch, grinding those samples together, then testing that.


Yes I agree. It’s just hard to know which are the properly representative samples when you’re looking at 50 acres of flower with all different sizes and shapes of plants.

I like this idea. I wonder if I took a small bud off one plant, a medium bud off another, and a large bud off a third and ground them all together if that would give a close representation of the crop as a whole.

To start the process with SRI:
Schedule 4 hours of free training in LA ( 15 minute Uber from the airport ).
You can leave with the GC and take it home on the airplane or have us ship it.
Cost is $10,495 for everything you need except distilled water, acetone and a Windows laptop.
You should be able to start your “in-house” analytics that evening.
Each test takes about 10 minutes and costs 15cents.


What size area would I need to set up the equipment here? And does it have to be set up in a sterile environment?

The GC is about a 12 inch cube. Typically you need a desktop for the GC and your laptop.
You don’t need any kind of special environment, even the back of a pickup truck is adaquate.
See some of the videos here.