Any reason to not use a paint pressure tank for diamond mining?

At what psi does an increase in crystallization creation stop? Paint pressure pots on Amazon for under $200 work up to 50psi and are way cheaper than using a tri-clamp configuration and they are way larger. Any reason to not use one?

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you can use them no problem, the drawback is you need to have all the jars you intend to run at the same time. You don’t want to be distribing other jars while crystals are forming. The other drawback is lack of sightglass, but if you have your method down to a “t” you won’t need to look to know if it is done.


I would be surprised (and rather happy too) if the FireMarshal gives blessing on the use of a Paint pressure tank.


if i had a commercial operation that would be a legit concern but right now i’m just a workshop prosumer lol.

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You can get away with it in a non compliant setting, however in a compliant one they will likely want to see a higher PSI rating than that. The regulators that control our facility want everything to be good up to 350PSI, including pressure gauge dials, if we even want to touch propane at all.

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Are they gauges hp desinged?

And so u use standard gaskets w that high pressure…propane only?