Any LPs in BC, Canada in need of a Processing Owner/Operator

Looking to join forces with the right group! Recently pulled out of a project, things were not going as planned.
I am a business owner, lots of experience in processing. I thrive to grow and i am constantly progressing. Brand development is huge in my eyes. This is a craft, extraction is my art. I love what i do!
I own a Luna Tech Extractor if you do not know, it is a certified extraction set up qualified to be used in canada along with a 10x20 c1d1 extraction booth. I would like to add i will also contribute alot more. I am looking to build a business with the right people. I am not looking for a job.

Willing to meet and discuss business. Im open to hear anything. I have lots of resources and can offer alot aswell

If you know anyone or are interested in talking with me please contact me threw this forumn


@CBD.CA was looking for a labtech in BC

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What’s your number ?

Dm me my love

Man I wish you were on the east coast.

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DM me I am in salmon arm. Just submitted are applications and looking for more people to fill out are team. I also come from black and want more of us in the legal market.



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We are a licensed Processor in BC, and if it hasn’t sold would be interested in your Luna Tech equipment, let me know. Marlin 250-899-6316