Any Legal Eagles Types with a Nose for Purchase Agreements?

I’ve tried a few searches and haven’t come up with the answers I’m looking for … is it standard in industry to have a clause for buyer protection in a purchase agreement that if 3rd party testing is bad the buyer is not on the hook for the purchase? And to get the downpayment back or something suitable?



Contracts are so 2021 haha

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I have two purchase agreements and neither have it in there. There’s protections for the seller getting their money but the buyer is SOL

*delete … I found what I was looking for

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I’d not sign those then lol

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you absolutely want protection as the buyer or you will most likely be ripped off.

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Yeah sounds like you’re dealing with some shady folks.

Lot or batch samples are pretty standard for contract deals. We allow samples to be tested prior to even red-lining contracts.

No major lab will make that kind of commitment without knowing they are getting consistent and reliable materials.

And any legitimate seller will include buyer protection.